New photo gallery for my work…

SmugmugI really enjoy Flickr. It serves me well. I’m able to interact with my friends’ photography, and meet new people. I’m able to get a decent sized audience to view my work, and sometimes get their reaction and critique.

The one thing, though, is that I can’t really sell my work on Flickr. If I’m hired to shoot a family’s portraits, Flickr isn’t always the best place to help that client see and purchase their work.

You probably know that I also love Smugmug. Without turning this into a sales pitch for Smugmug, I thought I’d simply mention that I’m slowly reworking my Smugmug account, to be my professional gallery. The place where a client can go to view and purchase the photographs I take for them.

I’ve set it up, so that my own domain will be a part of the action. Above, on the tab bar, you may notice “Photography”. That will lead you to my Smugmug Gallery.


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2 thoughts on “New photo gallery for my work…”

  1. I’m wrestling with a similar issue. Flickr is great but there is no way to sell your work. I’ve looked into SmugMug and really like it, but I’m not sure it lends itself to selling stock images. I’m looking into some niche stock work and it seems like PhotoShelter might be a better option. Do you you or anyone you know use SmugMug for stock photo work? Thanks.


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