What the heck is wrong with my camera?

OK, so a few times recently my camera has taken a very odd looking photo. I know it’s not an error on my part, because I cannot associate it with any action. So I’m tossing it out to you, what’s going on?

Here’s a few samples:


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5 thoughts on “What the heck is wrong with my camera?”

  1. I say you hang on to that card if that’s the problem. It’s like the digital equivalent of light leaks or something. Frame those puppies and sell ’em as art! Well… maybe not the ones of the kids.


  2. Thanks henrik!

    Ann, I’m not doing any frame bursting. I’m only shooting one at a time. Rarely do I even let the shutter spirt out, machine gun style.

    I am regularly formatting my cards. Bummer is, I think it may be happening on both my cards.

    Time for new cards! Bleh.


  3. Camera or chip? When’s the last time you reformatted the chip?
    Also, what kind of frame-burst are you doing? Looks like the chip might not be writing fast enough


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