DIY framed chalkboard

My oldest son and I are working on a fun little garage project together.

DIY framed chalkboard

As you know, I take my daughter out a lot, to shoot photography. We have that to share. My oldest son and I haven’t been doing something like that. So, I decided that we’d undertake a project together. It has been fun.

This project will be a framed chalkboard. My wife has wanted something like this, to hang on the wall.

DIY framed chalkboardWe took a long piece of red oak and cut it down into four smaller lengths, to eventually become the frame. Next, I got to use my Dremel tool, with a little plunge router attachment, to route down a recessed groove along the back of each oak piece. I then used my chop saw to cut the ends to 45 degree angles.

Once they were ready, I glued and nailed them together, to form the frame. Once the glue was dry, I wiped it down with a nice oil/orange combo.

The chalkboard is made from an extra piece of plywood I had laying around. I had to fill it in with a lot of putty, as plywood isn’t the best for finish work. Since I was eventually going to paint it, I knew that the putty would be fine. The puttying took three applications, interspersed with sanding. This step was perfect for my son to help me. He was able to do some puttying, and I had him do most of the early sanding. I just made him a nice sanding block, by stapling some sanding paper to a small 2×4 block. The final sanding I did with my power sander, and some much finer sandpaper.DIY framed chalkboard

This is where the project is now. We painted the first coat of chalkboard paint on the plywood. This afternoon it is drying. This evening, we may be able to paint another coat. My son will do that one. On Saturday, we’ll possibly sand the two coats, and paint another one or two. My goal is to have at least 4 coats of the chalkboard paint, before the final assembly.


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  1. That’s awesome. My eldest daughter is not quite old enough to come out with me yet, but both her and my son love seeing my photos after. I got them some cheap cameras from a Salvation Army store and loaded them with batteries. They run around popping the flashes off 😀

    I’ve also got a VW Beetle waiting in the carport for my son to help me with, while my youngest is too young to show an interest in anything yet, but they’ll all be starting photography with film 😀


  2. Chalkboard paint? Just learned something new, Trev! Had no idea it even existed, and always wondered how they made the chalkboards. 🙂


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