Did you give back?

Seacrest with kids

This morning we watched Idol Gives Back, the now annual American Idol special episode. It was actually broadcast last night, but we like to watch Idol with the kids, and sometimes we wait until the following morning to enjoy it as a family.

I must say, with all the hype and contest aside, I am always caught off guard by the stories, ushered in by a celebrity. I am generally an emotional person anyway. But seeing pop-culture icons meeting and telling the story of suffering is pretty cool. I mean, who knew that a simple, horrible, story of a young family, headed by the oldest 15 year old brother would bring Annie Lennox to tears?

What I love the most about this television program is a few things. First, they seem to try hard to keep it a non-political program. Over the last few years, I’ve watch U2’s Bono as he embraces his new calling to change the world. I actually think he’s making a difference. It’s cool that he’s humble enough to open up his arms, and allow Idol to be a part of his own program. Even though I’m sure we can all conclude which direction Bono’s political beliefs swing, he doesn’t seem to try to and manipulate our principles. He’s focused on making a real difference.

OK, the other thing I love is that Idol Gives Back is a perfect example of people using their influence to make a difference. Companies rise to the occasion and give. Individuals rise to the occasion and give. Celebrities use their name and face to help us all get involved. This is proof to me, that the government should never have gotten involved in social programs. The government generally wastes money, time, and energy, when they get into social programs. But when big business does it, we see efficiency, effectiveness, and success.

On a side note, Simon, could you please help the honorable Gordon Brown get a suit that fits?

You can still donate, head to IdolAid.com to donate now.


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