What on earth is Simon and Randy smoking?

Simon and Randy, you guys are a pair of idiots! There is no way that Syesha, and her failure to be anything other than a cookie-cutter R&B singer, is even in Carly’s league. Carly Smithson is not even in this competition. She’s in a league of her own.

I think that the other contestants need to forget that they might win this year’s American Idol. I think they need to work hard for #2. There’s no one even close to Carly. No one.

That may be her problem. She’s so much better than everyone else that they are holding her to a different standard.


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2 thoughts on “What on earth is Simon and Randy smoking?”

  1. April 8th was another good night for the guys. I thiink its going to be an all guy final, but who knows Kristie Lee Cook has hung on each week and it starting to get a following. It is going to be a hard choice tonight.


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