Thinking about starting a short daily vidcast…

I found my Xbox Live USB video camera. I thought I had lost it.

Many of you know that a few years ago I produced a weekly Christian music podcast. It lasted over a year, and I really enjoyed it. Since then, photography has not only replaced the time and energy, but has done even more for me, artistically.

However, I have been thinking about a possible new program that I could record. I’m thinking about a daily vidcast. Not long in length, and not complex to produce. It would really just be an extension of my regular blog posts. You see, when I get an idea of something to write about, I simply write it. When that idea is real short, I generally Pownce/Twitter it. However, there are times when I want something a little bit different. That’s where the vidcast comes in. I think I’ll start by recording a short, off the cuff, inspirational video. I’ll toss in some photo ideas or tips on occaision too.

What do you think?

To make it easy, I’ll record it and upload it to my Vimeo account. Then I’ll embed the video here. I think. Below is a short sample.

Short request from Trevor Carpenter on Vimeo.


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