Woah! Where did Chikezie come from?

I got to tell you…Chikezie has been on my “send ’em home” list for few weeks. He hasn’t been the worst performer any one night, he’s just not done anything that tells me he’s worth keeping around.

And then came the Beatles night. Holy moly! Where did he get that? Chikezie really found something special, from deep down inside, and delivered an amazing performance. He delivered a tremendous version of She’s A Woman.

Deanna and I were standing up it was such a great job. He didn’t just sing well. He chose a great song, for him, and had it arranged in a way that really showed us that he’s not just a Luther Vandross wanna-be. Well done, Chikezie, well done.

Below are my favorite performances of the night. Of course Chikezie is first, then David Cook singing Eleanor Rigby, and last is my favorite over all, Carly Smithson singing Come Together.


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4 thoughts on “Woah! Where did Chikezie come from?”

  1. What?! No way! Carly has what it takes to win. Brooke did a great job, but she hasn’t been consistent enough.

    Chikezie is on top for the night, but David Cook and Carly Smithson are the two top over all, for me.

    Here’s the link to Brooke’s performance:


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