Pro Photo Expo, recap…

So I hit the Pro Photo Expo, in Pasadena, CA, recently. It was a little bit of a let down, but fun none-the-less.

I expected the expo to be a bit larger. However, I did get all the questions answered that I needed, and I got to play with some cool equipment.

Because I have a Nikon D40, with a limitation on which lenses will connect, I was curious what everyone was planning to offer in the near future. Wanting to continue to grow my lens assortment, I need this information. I also have been considering a few different bag choices, more on that later. The guys at the Sigma booth were very helpful, even let me put a few lenses I’m considering on my D40, to play around. The guy at the Pocket Wizard booth was helpful, and confirmed my plan of attack for building up an assortment of those bad boys.

The two highlights of this event for me were the Apple booth and the Lowepro booth.

First, Apple. When I first walked in, I made a swift right hand turn and proceeded to wind through the expo, hitting every isle. The first booth I stopped at was the Apple booth. They were there promoting one product; Apple Aperture 2.0. Since I’ve recently fell in love with Aperture 2, I was a bit excited. I looked at my watch and asked one of the Apple guys, “How long is the demo?” He said it was about 45 minutes, and I decided to sit just as they began a new one. This proved very profitable, as now I feel equipped to get started with Aperture 2 as my primary asset management and post production tool. I’ll do the majority of my editing with Aperture 2, only switching to Photoshop for the major stuff.

Smith & Wesson M&P 40C

Second, Lowepro. As you may know, I have a unique day job. With this day job, I am authorized to carry certain tools that require a little concealment. So, on occasion, I am limited with what clothing I can wear, or what packs and bags I can carry. Being right handed, I generally am also limited with how I can carry my camera bag, a nice Lowepro waist pack/shoulder bag. So I have been actively seeking a bag that can serve both needs.

I found what would be the absolute best bag, made my Maxpedition. This bag is not really a camera bag. However, with the proper padding, it would serve me quite well. I told this story to the nice lady, Suzie, at the Lowepro booth. Without hesitation, she swept me to the products, to find the bag that most closely matches the inside measurements of the bag I want from Maxpedition. Not understanding her point, I picked the proper bag. She then handed me her card, and instructed me to email her my address. She had Lowepro ship me the “guts” to this bag, for my own use in inserting them into the Maxpedition bag. Unbelievable! That’s customer service!

I was really excited and surprised at her offer, and I really didn’t believe it until the “guts” actually showed up just a few days later.

The fit is not perfect, but I will be able to make it work. Most importantly, I have a nice, padded compartment that will hold my camera, with a lens, and two additional lenses.

This bag has the large compartment, for the camera stuff, and several additional compartments for a variety of items. I’ll be able to carry along a typical Nalgene bottle, my special cargo, and many other important items.

I now have a man-bag!


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3 thoughts on “Pro Photo Expo, recap…”

  1. @Jason, Yes, I can fit my D40, and two lenses in the main compartment of my JUMBO VERSIPACK. Not only that, but I can carry along a Nalgene bottle and many other smaller items.

    Oh, and YES, LowePro shipped me the padding for my Maxpedition bag, free of charge.


  2. Questions: So your Maxpedition will fit the D40? And you are saying that LowePro shipped you the necessary padding to fit into the Maxpedition? Do you have the Jumbo Max or another size? What were the part numbers for the Lowe Pro stuff? Thanks a bunch and great site!


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