America! Send Kady home, please!

How on God’s green earth is Kady still in this thing? Please, please, send her home! I don’t want to be mean. I just want the best people to do well on American Idol.

Keeping with the theme…

Also, America, send that man-girl Danny Noriega home too!

OK, better thoughts…

Keep the foreigners, Michael & Carly! They rock!


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.

2 thoughts on “America! Send Kady home, please!”

  1. i havent watched last night’s episode yet, i’ll watch it tonight in fast forward. However, the guys are soo effeminate it drives me crazy, be a friggin man already!

    And Kady’s still on because she’s freakin hot! If the early 00’s taught us anything, it was that it doesnt take talent for “girls” to sell music! LOL


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