I’m a portrait-making freak!

Magnolia Interiors

Today was my very first official portrait session. I shot an interior designer and her team for about an hour and a half. (The interior designer is my mom. Shhhh!)

ShirleyWe had selected an old church in the old town part of Camarillo. The church’s building is loaded with great large doors and a beautiful courtyard. I knew we’d have many opportunities for a variety of scenes to shoot.

I had 3 people to shoot in a group photo, then each one needed a headshot. Of course, I did the group shot in several places, so that I’d have many to pick from for final selection.

For my gear, I used my Nikon D40 and my favorite lens, the Sigma 30mm f/1.4. This set up rocks for portraits,Magnolia Interiors and gave me great clarity in my final images. I did make a small error in my depth of field selection, making some of the group shots not clear for everyone’s face.

I rented a couple of Nikon SB-800’s, Pocket Wizards, and stands. I already had a couple umbrellas for diffusion. This set up was perfect. I could have used one more light, for one shot, but I’m not dwelling on it.

Over all, I’m very proud of the final work, and I’m excited for future opportunities to shoot portraits like this.


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  1. Beautiful portraits, Trevor! You chose a great setting and the poses are wonderful. The woman in the center can’t be your mother! She’s way too young! Great job.


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