Happy Birthday, George!

Today is George Washington’s birthday. He would have been 276 years old. Dang, that’s old.

George is remembered for a whole number of great accomplishments. He lead the fighting men of the colonies in a revolution against the tyrant King George III, of England. He was the first president of these United States of America. He lead the fledgling nation out of a rebellious time, pointing us towards a prosperous future.

One of George’s lesser known acts was to carefully select the names and titles attributed his role as our leader. Fearing the non-republican titles given to the European leaders of his time, he preferred Mr. President over all others.

Quite often, what has set our greatest presidents apart from the others is their non-political achievement. What I mean is that the greatest leaders were often accomplished military leaders. Ike lead our forces to victory over the Nazis. Teddy, who was home schooled, was a deputy sheriff in North Dakota and later served as the president of the New York Police Department Commissioners. Grant kicked the crap out of the South.  Just a few examples of great presidents who demonstrated their leadership skills, not as politicians.

I think what sets George apart from the majority of our presidents is that he clearly knew how important his precedent setting decisions would become for the infant nation. Not allying himself with any one party, George started off on the right foot. I’d call him not a Whig, Federalist, Democrat, or Republican. I’d call him an American, a patriot.

Happy birthday, George.


Author: TREVOR

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