Ahhh, look at the cute baby seals


The Padawan’s 6th birthday was yesterday. He’s obsessed with Indiana Jones right now, so you might notice a theme in his costume choices in my recent photos of him.

Wanting to get out of the house, we took the family to go see the baby seals at the Carpinteria Harbor Seal Preserve. A photo friend, Leigh, had mentioned his own trip to see them last week on the Ventura County Flickr forum. So we took his advice and went for a look of our own. As we were driving up the 101, just out of Ventura, it began to rain. Honestly, I was pretty ticked off, knowing that I may miss a photo opportunity. I was also bummed out for the kids.

We pressed on, however, curious if the rain might break. When we arrived, it was still raining. It wasn’t no Oregon, we-must-stay-inside, kind of rain. It was more Oregon, you-call-that-rain!-that’s-a-clear-day, kind of rain. I was the only one without a jacket, so we went ahead for the walk.

From the parking lot, just off the Bailard exit, we had to walk down the path to the train tracks. Following the trail along the tracks for a few hundred yards, we crossed and approached the bluffs. I must say, be careful at this point! This is clearly a regularly visited location, but not regularly critiqued by the traditionally litigious Californian.

DSC_7596Deanna, still not posed.DSC_7599

Just a few more steps down the path and there’s even a nice sitting area to view the seals. We saw quite a few, just lazying around, relaxing on the rocks. As we peered over the edge, we began to see the babies. They were closer to the sand than the others, mostly snuggling up to their mothers.

Head over and check out my Photo Set to see them all.

On a side note, I’ve been using the newly announced Apple Aperture 2, trial edition. I’ve used the Adobe Bridge and Photoshop combination for over a year, and I must say that Aperture is next on my list. I love it! Everything is just so much more intuitive. I’m less of a Photoshop artist, but I’m more of a photographer. That’s my goal.


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