I stopped the thief in his tracks…

So, I’m checking out my stats the other day. I like to do that for a few reasons. Most importantly, I want to know where people are coming from. Ever since I did that October and December Challenges, last year, I’ve had a much larger readership. Knowing where everyone is coming from helps me know who is contributing to my traffic.

Whilst poking around, I discovered that I had a huge amount of in coming traffic from a specific blog. Having never heard of this blog before, I wandered over to find out why they were linking to me. I searched for a few keywords and nothing came up. So I looked more closely at my stats to see exactly what post of mine they liked. It wasn’t a post, but a file. Not just any file, but a photo. Interesting.

On occasion, I’ll load up a picture on my own server, instead of link to it. This was one of them. It didn’t take me long to understand that they wanted my photo, for their article, with NO CREDIT GIVEN! No way I’m going to let them use my photo, without permission, let alone have me host it for them!

So I did the right thing. I changed the name of the file on my server, and updated it in my original post. A quick refresh, and it’s working here. A quick refresh on their server, and empty box.

He, he.


I went ahead and uploaded a special file, just for that blog. Now it loads more correctly, see for yourself…



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11 thoughts on “I stopped the thief in his tracks…”

  1. A friend had this happen to him with one of his photos (depicting a VW Beetle, for what it’s worth), though the image was used in forum postings rather than in an article. His solution was to replace that image file with one depicting a gentleman standing upright, naked except for a tophat and monocle, with half his hair and matching eyebrow shaved off, and sporting an enormous erection.

    The crazy part is that he then received abusive and threatening emails from the person using the image in the forums. What is the world coming to?


  2. Good one Trevor, though you let them off easy. Leaving a comment on that post will get their attention for sure, as might linking to the post. 😉

    What did you use to track that, the WP stats, or another plugin, or server side? Just curious.


  3. Sad thing is, they may never notice. The post is three weeks old, and has no new comments on it.

    I wonder how many of their other pictures are stolen bandwidth …


  4. I’ve had that happen twice. Once was some goth chick hotlinking a full version of one of my New Orleans cemetery shots to use as a tiled background on her Xanga. I replaced it with a “Do not steal bandwidth” notice. Didn’t take her long to find another picture.

    The other one was a scan of a recipe book cover. It turned up on a popular forum and everyone and their sibling quoted the picture in their replies. I replaced it with an image that started off with the text, “We’re flattered. Really. But …” Haven’t had any problems since.


  5. I concur with Prof Kienstra; you took the high road, sir. I would’ve changed the image to something a bit more risqué. . . and mentioned the theft.


  6. You didn’t change the old picture to a new one with the text “This blog is stealing my pictures!!” .. and then replaced the link in your own blog to a new name? That way every user on the stealing blog would immediately know what kind of blog it was… *evil grin*

    You are too kind… 🙂


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