What do you think?

Hey! Notice that little ad in the upper right hand corner of the site?

I have decided join partner with SmugMug, the ultimate in photo sharing. On my other blogs I’ve toyed with a variety of advertising options. First the Google ads, then with B&H. I never felt like they really fit very well, so I eventually dumped each. I figured that over time, I should just conservatively seek out new opportunities.

Then, I found SmugMug. I must say, I wasn’t looking for ads. I was looking for a more professional photo site, that I could use with my professional photography. I wanted a place that I could upload client photos from a portrait sitting and be able to privately share their gallery with them. This would give them the freedom to view and ultimately purchase prints from their photo shoot. I also didn’t want to have to be in the business of ordering and delivering prints. SmugMug does this. They calculate my markup and pass on my profit to me. SmugMug is the solution for me.

So over the next few weeks I’ll be uploading choice images from my past photowalks and photo shoots. Organizing is a serious issue with SmugMug, so I’ll be playing around with my galleries until I’m happy.

As far as the ads are concerned, you’ll be seeing them here, at PhotoWalking.org, PhotoChallenge.org, and the PhotoChallenge & PhotoWalking Forum.




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