Happy Birthday Abe!

Today marks the 198th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, one of the best presidents my country has ever had. Today’s 100 Great American’s post will be short and to the point. There is so much already written about Abe, and I don’t plan to reiterate it here. If you want a good synopsis of Abe’s life, head over the his Wikipedia page to get started. Abe lead our nation through our darkest hour, a divided people. Abe rose to power during a tumultuous time in our history and stood atop the heap, to victory. Abe redefined his party, the Republicans, like few have been able to do throughout history. Staying clear of modern politics, very few have successfully redirected their entire political party, a massive accomplishment.

Today I honor Abe entirely for his ability to lead the salvation of our nation. We were torn. We were divided. Abe kept us together. We didn’t heal quickly, it took time. But Abe kept us together.

Well done, Abe. Well done.

Oh yeah, Abe was homeschooled.

I wrote this for Abe’s birthday, but it didn’t publish. So, I had to publish it officially late. Sorry.


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