A new tripod

New TripodYou know, last week, my tripod broke. We were in Mammoth and I picked it up to take it with me and presto, it was in two pieces. I was so mad. On the way home, I had wanted to take a nice night shot of Mt. Whitney. Opportunity lost. Well, when I was heading out, my dad said, “I think I have a tripod you can use at home.”

Hey, what do you know…my dad had an unused tripod in his closet. Not only is it a tripod, it’s a really awesome, sturdy tripod.

This tripod is 10x the quality of my old crappy one. Plus, it receives the awesome Giotto head I bought a few months back.


Author: TREVOR

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One thought on “A new tripod”

  1. Man, I wish my dad had something other than bad clothes in his closet.

    That reminds me that I need to go pick up one of those for our video camera to help prevent some of the motion-sicky.


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