Happy Birthday, Mr. Hancock!

To continue my contributions to my 100 Greatest American’s, I thought I’d keep up the Happy Birthday wishes. Today is John Hancock’s 271st birthday.

You may notice that I have less to say about John than I did about Ben. Well, that’s because I know significantly more about Ben, and hold him in extremely high regard.

John, however, was a great contributor to America as we know it for two primary reasons. First, his signature. Yes, he was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence. His overly dramatic signature is probably what most recall about his contribution to our early days.

However, it was John’s existing hatred for the import duties that “wired” him to hate the Stamp Act, from its introduction. And, as most historians that are worth anything will tell you, the Stamp Act was an early warning sign to the colonists that the future might be better, with out a King.

(source: Wikipedia)


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