Happy 302nd birthday, Ben!

One Hundred Great Americans

Today is Benjamin Franklin’s birthday. He was born in Boston, Mass., on January 17th, 1706. A great American who contributed not only to the forming of this great nation, but in many unique ways as well.

Hey, do you use bifocals? Ben did that! The circulating stove, aka the Franklin Stove, Ben did that. How about checking out a book at the library? Do you like that? Ben did that. You live in a rural area, with volunteer fire departments, Ben did that.

The first volunteer fire department in the United States was created by Ben, The Union Fire Company in Philadelphia.

Of course, Ben contributed so much more to our world. Not just being a creative thinker, but a tremendous writer and entrepreneur as well. Ben ran several successful business during his lifetime, including Pennsylvania Gazette and contributing to the first newspaper in Boston, The New England Courant, of which his brother started and published.

Uniquely enough, many don’t know what a large contribution Ben had to our independence. Yes, he was a part of the 5 who wrote the Declaration of Independence, even though Thomas Jefferson wrote the majority of it. Yet, as I’ve read more and more of Ben’s writings, I’m inclined to believe that Ben had a much larger role in the construction of that great American document.

However, another large contribution was that Ben took off for France as the first American ambassador, to France. Whilst there, Ben worked hard to secure not only a treaty with France, but many of the funds necessary to finance the upcoming war of independence.

After the war, he returned to his home in Pennsylvania, and served in a few capacities in public office. One of his last public acts was writing an anti-slavery treatise in 1789.

Ben Franklin, a great American.

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