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Smith & Wesson M&P 40CFor several months I’ve been saving up and getting excited about a sweet new firearm that I wanted to purchase. So, just a few days back, I got some Christmas money that helped put me over the top.

I’ve wanted a concealed carry weapon, and the firearm I chose really does this well. I chose the Smith & Wesson M&P 40C. It’s a recently introduced automatic handgun, for the military and law enforcement communities. Mine is a .40 caliber, compact model. There are a few features that set this one apart from other similar models, that are popular right now. However, each firearm fits differently in each person’s hand. I have uniquely large hands, and this poses an issue with how a firearm fits in my hand. The M&P comes with a sized grip insert. Basically, the padded area on the grip can be removed and replaced with one of three different sized inserts. When the largest sized insert is installed, my hand has “more” grip to hold onto. Most importantly it places my trigger finger in just the right place, for pulling the trigger with the best part of my index finger.

So I picked it up yesterday, and went right over to the local public firing Smith & Wesson M&P 40Crange to test it out. (I actually went over there because I knew that I would be qualifying with this new firearm today.) I bought a box of rounds and put ’em through it. Over all I was quite pleased with how easy it was for me to control, even with it being a .40. Yes, the grip is smaller than a duty weapon and the barrel is shorter. Both of these characteristics should make this weapon harder to control and fire accurately. However, my first grouping was small enough to keep my satisfied that I will hit my target. That continued for each grouping, getting just a bit better each time. Satisfied, I headed home.

When I got home, I thought I’d take the opportunity to try out my light tent. Several months ago, Randyman made himself a light tent, and he made an extra one for me. I really haven’t had a chance to use it until now. It really only took a few minutes to get the shots. I used two “Home Depot” lights from either side and my speedlight off camera, from above. I really like how it turned out.


I took it to the range today, for qualification. I think I would have scored a better score with it than my duty weapon, if given the chance. I love this gun!


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  1. Trevor, do you own other guns? How long have you had your concealed weapon permit? I am beginning to seriously consider purchasing my first gun, but none of my current friends own guns, so i have no one to bounce questions and conversation off of. i’d love to pick your brain.


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