Let’s go for a walk!

Yo ho, yo ho...

You know, our local library opened its doors in a brand new facility this past year. Actually I think it opened several months ago. Anyway, we hadn’t taken the opportunity to go check it out and though we should.

Since we homeschool, using the local library really should be an important tool for the kids to learn and understand. Also, it’s only 3 blocks from our house. I know, I know, how easy could it be?

We decided yesterday that we would walk the whole family over there and check it out. So that’s just what we did. It’s safe because we don’t have to walk along any major street or cross any either. We put the Joker in his stroller and the other three walked just fine. Enjoy a few photos from the trip…

Discovery Oh, it's on my nose. Just can't do it..
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