66 people who shot themselves…

So, back in December my pal Brian Auer, of Epic Edits, tossed out a sweet project for photo-bloggers to shoot themselves. That is, take a self portrait. The results are below, pretty cool, don’t you think?

It’s pretty cool to see all the great work done, below. Take some time and check out some really awesome photographers. You know, what’s unique about this project is that so many photo-bloggers tend to hide behind their camera. This project got us out in front, sorta. Here’s Brian’s recap post. Here’s the original post.


Martin GommelBrian AuerTrevor CarpenterHitesh SawlaniNeil CreekChris RawlinsLuis CruzNeil GallowayKaren WinkLars TrabenSean SullivanBernd PragerDominik UngerRolograafAnthea BrownDavid ZiserJonathan EnnsStefan MichalskiNickolusSteffen GothlingSherwinDTibor RadvanyiJoseph SzymanskiMustanirBinti KambaliBen SparkChicaBen BaileyLynn LittleAntoine KhaterClaudia Brusdeylins


Marco LucianoStephanie DodsonSpencer ThomasThe Wolf BrigadeKate FerraraSuellen SeguinHoward GorchovJessRoryMartin BraunKevin PistoneStuartShurkalaJoseph NienstedtShafina SheridanMatthias WeinbergerRobert JungSyiqinGabe WaddellBibo AswanMacmindDaniel HellermanBryan VillarinCarsten FischerRen HuiNathan SolizRick YazwinskiMark CarmodyLaurie BallesterosMarco A. TorresM.T. HawleyMatt CowleyMartin WolfMax MilionMateusz


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  1. I am pretty happy to have found Brian through the December Challenge. This was a great project and I am happy I participated. So many great photographers!


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