Yahoo Mobile on the verge?

I’m getting ready to get a new mobile phone, a Helio Ocean to be exact. So, while preparing for this, I’ve been wandering through my current phone’s features, hoping that I’ll have a similar option on the new one. The biggest one I was worried about was the YahooGo software. So I shot over to Yahoo’s mobile page, What do you know, they’re doing something!

Introducing Yahoo! Go 3.0.


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What do you think?


Within minutes of this post, Yahoo released their Yahoo!Go 3.0 announcement. I must have simply stumbled upon it at the right time. If you use any of the Yahoo services (ie: flickr), then you might really like this. I’ve used the Yahoo!Go 2.0 software and it’s pretty cool.

Yahoo! Mobile. Introducing Yahoo! Go 3.0.


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8 thoughts on “Yahoo Mobile on the verge?”

  1. trev….visit the heliocity link above and follow the link to Peetre’s site and it is there and works. Now if I only knew what I needed it for…


  2. Yeah! I google news searched for this before posting. Nothing. I think that Yahoo just announced it at CES, because now it’s all over the news.

    I must have tipped them off!


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