Webkinz, I love to hate it!

Months ago, my two oldest, The Princess and The Padawan, got themselves a Webkinz stuffed animal. Do you know what that is? Then you don’t have young kids.

Basically this is a hybrid of beanie babies and Facebook, for kids. You get the real toy, then go to the website. Parents may have to help here. Set up an account and enter the code from your toy. Now your kid has a semi-virtual world, where they manage the life of the toy. They name it, build it a room, and feed it. They also get to go around and earn Webkinz money to spend on their animal. They do this by entering contests, playing games, and taking trivia quizzes. OK, now you’ve got the picture. It’s actually pretty cool to watch my two playing, enjoying themselves, and learning a bit about using the computer.

The problem we’re having is that my daughter’s login is screwed up, and nothing, I mean NOTHING we’re doing makes any sense. I’ve been an online adventurer for years. I understand the basic principles of logon and account management. The one thing that the Webkinz team has failed miserably at is that they are unreachable. I dare you to go and find a real email address for me to use, or a telephone number! Even their help/complaint system is a preset list of questions, without providing you with any way to enter your own question. And to top that off, the preset questions each require you to log in to your “home” to go find their answer. WE CAN’T GET HOME, you &#*@&!@!!!!!

So, here I am blogging about it. I know I’m no Scoble, who can get it done with a little bad publicity. But, I thought I’d give it a try.


Well, just a bit after I blogged my tantrum, and many of you had commented, The Princess’ logon miraculously began to work again. It worked just fine the rest of the day. A unique thing though is that I learned a bit about website customer service. Let me tell you, if a company runs a website, they sure as heck had better make it easy for me (the customer) to get ahold of them. Thanks for all your help and support!


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7 thoughts on “Webkinz, I love to hate it!”

  1. Thanks Savannah. My daughter’s first webkinz was months ago. She has like 5 now. She’s quite active and her codes were entered long ago. But thanks.

    @Lexie, thanks for the link. I’ll check it out.

    @Leigh, We never actually learned what was wrong. It just started working.


  2. Do you have the login code still, or did you lose it. I remember something like that happened to me a while back. All I did to fix it, was I went into my tool on the bar of IE in the drop down menu clicked on options…Deleted my cookies,history,and files. Rebooted my system and everything worked fine after that.

    Now, if you lost the code, thats another story because no 2 codes are alike even if you buy the same exact pet they all have unique codes. Hope this helps!



  3. I’m no Scobble either, but I’m doing a little experiment in Web based consumer publicity – it’s http://www.helpwebkinz.com. There’s a Complaint Desk (unofficial, of course) where people can comment or link back to their blog post about their Webkinz issues.

    Glad the log on finally worked.


  4. Trevor, I don’t think I can help other than to quote you over on my personal tumblr site. Maybe someone who reads that can help. My Daughter has a webkinz, I’l check the documentation when I get home but I doubt I’ll find anything that you haven’t already tried.


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