The December Challenge recap…

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So friends, we’ve come to the end of the December Challenge. How did we do? For those who joined me, how many did you shoot? For those who followed, which were your favorites?

The December Challenge was a project to expand our own portraiture. Our goal was to shoot a portrait a day, all month long. For those who made serious attempts to shoot daily, I can say that we all grew and improved throughout the month.

I know for myself, I can see my own improvements as I look back at portraits I took before the Challenge. When I began to consider how I’d want to wrap up this great challenge, I had a few ideas, but I wasn’t sure which to tackle. I consulted with a blogging friend for some advice and he had several great ideas. I decided to compile a list of each participant, and choose my favorite of their portraits. So, below you’ll find a very long list.

photo by Phil Price

photo by Jeremy Brooks

Photo-A-Day #985 12/19/07

photo by BenSpark

Mark Stabb

photo by Brian Auer

photo by markusrsc

photo by Chris Nixon

December Challenge, Day 14

photo by Bryan Villarin

December Challenge #4: Chantal

photo by The Wolf Brigade


photo by eclictic?

photo by NJOPhoto

The Good Eye of scherbi

photo by scherbi


photo by Schyzoid Man

Thomas Drago

photo by TravelingRoths


photo by furball

landsberg nightlife VI

photo by Stockwerk23

DC09 - AlexisJoy

photo by Randy Carranza


photo by SLS


photo by Cozmo75


photo by Jordimussol


photo by humbertoadriano

December Challenge 5, Matt Roe

photo by Andrew Moore

Old school

photo by mdunn


photo by Thejesh GN


photo by Calpastor


photo by shiva


photo by drumsnwhistles

The looking glass

photo by alexisjoy

Trying something a little bit different....

photo by E Cherry

Something About those Hoodies...

photo by draconian57

December Challenge #6 LOMO

photo by m.pastwa

 Nebraska Motel

photo by Tom944

For the few who choose the more conservative privacy settings, I’ve linked below to their contributions, without including the photograph.

So, thank you to all who joined me for this great challenge. Not only did it take me to a new level of portraiture, but I discovered that many photographers just need a reason to commit to disciplined photography. I’m proud to have participated with you all. Make sure you check out my new 2008 Challenge, and all future photography challenges at my new blog, PhotoChallenge.


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21 thoughts on “The December Challenge recap…”

  1. It proved to be much more of a challenge than I imagined. Getting people to accept posting their pictures online was very very challenging for me! I have scores of shots, that I couldn’t post, since the people in them were hesitant about it. In any case, I still have quite a few that I would love to post. Can I use the december challenge tag? (They were all taken in december, but haven’t processed them as yet)


  2. Trevor – a great idea, I intend to participate in the 2008 challenge. Thanks for all of the hard work and commitment, it is greatly appreciated.


  3. Good job organizing a great challenge…my travel schedule was a little hectic, but I look forward to participating in future challenges.


  4. Trevor, you did a great job at selecting the photos for this recap. I knew there were quite a few photographers participating, but I had no idea that this many were involved! You also did a great job at running the challenge and keeping up with everybody. I’m certain that your new site will be quite popular if you keep this sort of thing up.


  5. Hey thanks for the link!
    I didn’t quite complete the challenge – it didn’t help I went off for almost 2 weeks on holiday and was around the same people most of the time (I really didn’t want to keep repeating the same people).

    Still, it atleast got me thinking more about making the portraits different so atleast that’s some sort of a step forward.

    I’m looking forward to the next monthly challenge.


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