My favorite photographs of 2007

So, 2007 proved to be the year of photography for me. I got my first dSLR and began an exciting adventure into a wonderful new world. Throughout this experience I have met many wonderful people who happen to be tremendous photographers. It’s so fun to finally discover that someone is only 17, and I’ve loved their photography for some time.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a simple post, and then show you some of my favorites from around the web. So, without further adieu…

Rex AuerBlackened


s turnSmoke Detector






img1Now that the train has passed, you may go


Class in the GrassMars Imposter


castroloco lonely


They follow youThe looking glass


Pyramid On FireRome - Colosseum


Fenderliciouslook at the stars beneath my feet...


Bond, James Bond.50 -  ready or not here I come


Fiery SkyCallum


crestock-70406-2560x1600The Matterhorn


Down The Hall; December Challenge Day 12Golden Dawn


Orange Zestpic 191


DSC_8722Sunset Silhouette


Author: TREVOR

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12 thoughts on “My favorite photographs of 2007”

  1. wow.
    I knew you were good, but i have not seen most of these because i have only known you for so short a time. your eye is great, the depth and quality of the photos is fantastic.


  2. @Wolfy,
    Well, this year was dominated by my Zooomr activities. I’ve mostly been around Flickr for the larger influential pool…until recently, when I began to shift my attention over there. Forgive me.


  3. great shots all, Trevor. thanks for sharing. you’ve quite a few i haven’t seen before. and a bunch i’m now revisiting, including the one i didn’t even recognize as being my own (imagine my surprise). thanks, too, for that.
    and happy new year!


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