The 2008 Challenge

brother and sisterFor the few of you who are regular readers, you may have noticed that I’ve been tossing out Challenges to my photographically minded fans. In October, 2007, I challenged you all to select an area or genre of photography that you wanted to learn better. I chose black & white photography. In lieu of something else, many of you chose the same thing. That challenge turned out to be fun, challenging, and educational. I find myself looking at a scene with more awareness to the light balance now. This is a direct result of my black & white’s.

Then in December, 2007, I set out to shoot a portrait a day, all month long. This time many more people joined theDecember Challenge day #8 Challenge. At one point I counted over 30 people submitting images to Flickr and Zooomr. I can’t say that I met the Challenge exactly, but hey it’s my challenge. I only missed a few days.

I’ve been working on some more ideas, to help expand the idea. I’m also working on a book idea, to combine the December Challenge into one nice catalog.

The largest project idea that has been birthed is to combine my existing efforts to document my own suburban community and the lessons of disciplined shooting, every day.

Today I’m announcing the 2008 Challenge. What is it? I’m challenging each participant to spend the whole year of 2008 documenting their community. All you need to do is commit to shoot just one great image a week. Just one a week. That’s not bad!

Camarillo City HallThe one important thematic issue to follow is to shoot your community. We’re going to get out there and document our immediate community. Wherever you live, commit to shooting it. This will take a bit more work, thought, and planning however. I’m not looking for your best shot from your weekly photowalk. I’m looking for a thoughtful image representing your community from that week. So, for example, on Independence Day (in the USA), I’d like to see how your community celebrates our nation’s independence.

As the next week approaches, I’ll publish another post, with many examples of other photoblogs doing similar things. Until then, take a look at Kathleen Connally’s; A Walk Through Durham Township.


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  1. I have been commitment phobic so far to your challenges, though i have really wanted to join. This time, i think i’m in! 52 photos, over a yr? i can do that (i tell myself).


  2. Trevor, I’m going to give this a try. The portrait-a-day for December has been, to put it kindly, quite challenging. But I’m glad I committed to it and have enjoyed the experience. I agree with Bill: This challenge should be easier for me to do, though to do it well will take thought and planning. Thanks for organizing this.


  3. I’m in. The community I live in is a smallish rural town in central Victoria, Australia. Lots of colorful characters and buildings. The town started as a goldrush town in the mid 1850’s, so I’m hopeful of finding plenty of interesting subjects for a weekly posting.


  4. Considering my random attempts at the December Challenge, I’m not sure how I’ll go, but I’m definitely interested.

    I’ve actually been thinking about using an online service like Snapfish or a flickr partner to make a photo book of my life up to the point where I had kids. Then another documenting my life with the kids, though the latter may wait for some time so that they can be old enough to participate.

    However, the challenge may (hopefully!) give me that little push I needed to get started on that project. Having spent the part of my life that I was old enough to remember in a fairly small section of Australia, the challenge and my concept should tie in perfectly. It may even be more helpful than I can predict at this point, as I suspect that I will write a small blurb for each photo – this could then be incorporated into the book…

    At this point are you planning to hold some small monthly challenges as well? Perhaps one every second month? If so, perhaps we could get a thread started on flickr for some ideas…maybe in the morning when my brain functions normally.


  5. Getting ambitious, aren’t we? But seriously, cool idea! I’ll do what I can to participate, but I’m not signing in blood. My schedule can make it hard for me to get out and shoot once or twice per month sometimes, but the summer hours should be a little easier to work with.

    What’s the Flickr/Zooomr tag? And will you set up a group just for this challenge?


  6. @Julie…
    Great blog post. I appreciate you taking the time to contemplate how this Challenge applies to you. You’ve done a nice job defining your community, and I hope others follow your example.


  7. @Jeremy…
    You know, I think your community is different for each person. I would expect the those living in a heavily populated urban setting, their community may be a very small area. However, for myself, living in a suburban community, I’ll stick to my city. I may venture out and hit other locations or subjects. But I probably won’t leave Ventura County.


  8. I’m really excited about this project… I live in San Diego (so does Brian Auer of Epic Edits) which has a lot of interesting things to photograph… I know my images won’t be quite as successful as Brian’s because I’m about as amateur as they come (not to mention my equipment deficiencies), but I’m really excited about this challenge!


  9. This will fit very well with my Photo-A-Day project. I was thinking about going and meeting the people who make up our downtown for the Portrait Challenge and maybe compile a book of the community. Good idea.


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