Best of 2007

I want you all to see my “Best of 2007” collection. I’ve compiled my top photographs from Zooomr and Flickr, from over this past year, and organized them with a pretty nice tool. Click on the ones you want to see up close.

Take a look!

This nice tool came to me from a photo buddy, Kevin Devin. You can see his gallery too.


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4 thoughts on “Best of 2007”

  1. Thanks for your comments, Adam.

    Most of my subjects are people from my life. I shoot my kids and family. I shoot my coworkers and neighbors. In the past, I’ve even shot people from church. If people you already know are “too busy”, you may need to look at your “sales pitch”. Focus on the fact that they are helping you out, by being available for you. You can offer them copies of the final portrait, if you’d like.

    I’ve also shot strangers, but that’s usually when I’m working on a photochallenge, etc.

    Side note, you should participate in a current Portrait Challenge, at


  2. I’d love to take more portraits. People are great. But where do you get your subjects? Do you just ask random people you meet? How do you approach asking them. I have found people pretty reluctant to help/join in. Everyone is so busy they rarely want to be bothered, but this may just be my approach not being right.

    Sorry I missed this challenge, but I would like to challenge myself to expand my photog skills, like yourself. Its good to push oneself out of the safe zone.



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