December Challenge day #14

December Challenge day #14


Another coworker, Richard also rides in my carpool to work. My schedule is making it difficult to shoot more dynamically. However, this one worked out quite well.

Our other carpoolee was holding a gold reflector on the right and the sun was setting on the left, diffused by several trees.


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4 thoughts on “December Challenge day #14”

  1. Great job on how your reflection in the dark glasses is obscured, but there’s an interesting skyline that adds a layer onto what the subject is experiencing. Works well since he’s not engaging with the camera, we see what’s more interesting than the photographer. I like it.


  2. I have nothing for lighting, I should remedy that.
    I kind of laughed when you said carpool and Richard is wearing a Harley hat. I am now picturing like three guys on a motorcycle with sidecar.
    I like how you are reflected in the sunglasses too if you look real closely.


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