December Challenge, week 2

So, we’re starting to pick up some speed. I’ve noticed several of you taking this opportunity real serious. It’s been great seeing the high quality portraits just pouring out in the Zooomr and Flickr feeds. Way to go!

One thing is for sure, this Challenge has been difficult for many of us, myself included. I know that this past week it hit me how hard this is to keep up. I’ve almost missed a daily shot several times. And as I write this, I have not shot my portrait for yesterday. For myself, once I start my work week of 12 hour shifts, it’s nearly impossible to get a shot each day. To make matters worse, this past weekend I was sick along with my 4 kids. So, it kicked my butt.

I have several good subjects lined up before this is over, so we’ll see how hard it is for me to fill in the remaining days. Below are just a few of the more recent submissions tagged correctly at Flickr.

Don’t forget about the groups at Zooomr and Flickr.

December Challenge participants


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4 thoughts on “December Challenge, week 2”

  1. Unless I’m at work, where I have a plethora of eager attorneys and legal assistants who don’t mind getting away from the computer, I’ve been constantly cutting it close. So far, so good. 🙂


  2. Trevor

    Really enjoying the December challenge and as you say it’s been real hard getting a daily shot sorted. I’ve missed a few for various reasons but where possible tried my hardest. I must also say it’s great seeing everyone else’s efforts and the thought going into the shots.

    Thanks for a great challenge and lets hope I can last the rest of the month, which should be slightly easier with Christmas so close and all the family over 🙂



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