I am the Master Chief

I want you all to know that I am in fact a geek. If thus far you had not figured that out, that should clear it up.

Last night, while couch bound from being sick with the flu, I played Halo 3 for the first time on my Xbox 360. I should tell you that I’ve never played any of the Halo series of video games. Quite often, I find that the most popular games are not too interesting to me. So I generally pass on the hot titles.

I rented it from Hollywood Video and popped it in with less than an hour available to play. That was a mistake.

I love this game!

It’s not overly complex, yet requires good concentration and a willingness to take “risks”. I didn’t play very much, or get very far, but what I did experience was great. I can see myself getting this game, and probably the earlier versions too.


Author: TREVOR

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