Jerry Seinfeld taught my kid math!

Thanks Jerry!

As many of you know, we homeschool. The other day, Deanna told me that she had been watching The Padawan as he was playing The Bee Movie game on our Xbox360. He was playing a mini-game. He had to acquire 30 flowers. With just 26 completed, he numbered the remaining flowers 1-4, ultimately figuring out that he needed to acquire 4 more.

Deanna was excited as she watched The Padawan learn a basic subtraction lesson, all without her help or the help of a flash card.

Thanks Jerry!


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One thought on “Jerry Seinfeld taught my kid math!”

  1. Thats amazing, and shows how technology can play a educational role in childrens lives. I am homeschooled and I think it is a wonderful way to teach your kids life skills in a familiar and quiet enviroment with no negative peer-pressures. 🙂


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