December Challenge, first week…

I must say, there are a few things I didn’t expect when I launched the December Challenge. First, I had no idea how much work it would be for me to travel around the internets and look at all of your portraits. I had no idea how many blog posts I’d want to read and comment on.

Second, I had no idea how many completely awesome portraits you’d all take. You all rock!

So I wanted to shoot out a quick post detailing some of my favorites. If I missed your’s check your tags, I have found a few that didn’t use the tag “decemberchallenge”. That could make it harder for me to find them.

Special thanks goes out to m.pastwa and Celine for helping me get this screenshot, in a bind.


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7 thoughts on “December Challenge, first week…”

  1. Well, as of today, 12-07-2007, we have…

    I didn’t double count the few of us posting to both places. So, 32 people! That rocks!


  2. So, I added a cool new plugin. You can now add YouTube videos and Flickr embedded links in the comments. This should work very well for the December Challenge. Below I’ve added one of my favorite portraits so far.


  3. Your concept for this is so simple I am not surprised that so many people are interested in participating. A challenge like this is very fun and it is great to see so many other people participating and learning from them, commenting on their photos, blogs and comments. Thanks for pulling this together.


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