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The looking glass
With the December Challenge in full swing, I wanted to take a moment to highlight some important things I’ve learned so far.

  • Lighting is very important.
  • Make sure to choose a shoot time that gives you good natural light.
  • Careful with the mid-day sun pounding down on you. Can you say over exposed?
  • Choose a nice shallow depth of field (DOF). Makes for good clear focus where you want it.
  • Be Creative! Take a few minutes to think about who you’re planning to shoot.
  • Look at everyone else’s portraits. I’ve learned quite a bit looking at all the participants’ portraits.
  • Keep reading.
    • StudioLighting.net has great articles for those with limited budgets who want to use some lighting.

I know there’s so much more. I just wanted to help a bit. Too much information, and you’d read this article, but NOT do anything about it. Just offering you a handful of important tips, I think you’re more likely to apply what works for you. What have you learned? Comment away!


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  1. So what about self portraits though .. how do you get the focus right as every its hard to see what the light will be like through the lens when I’m on the other side?



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