December Challenge #1

December Challenge #1

Today marks the beginning of the December Challenge. Each day, this month, I’ll be taking, processing, and publishing a new portrait. To read all the details and get some tips for your own portrait challenge, read my two past articles, here and here.

Come back each day to see who I’ve captured!

Oh, who’s that guy? It’s me! I thought I’d start this off with a self-portrait. What do you think?


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.

14 thoughts on “December Challenge #1”

  1. I am which ever is the better looking “Trevor Carpenter”.

    He, he.

    Seriously, I’d say that the happy, smily guy is me. This photo is just me being different. I wanted something serious and different.


  2. Trevor, I agree with some of the others in that this doesn’t look like you, at least from what I saw the one time I met you in person plus the photos you have of yourself on your sites. My question to you is this: What “image” is the real you? Or are there multiple facets/looks to Trevor Carpenter? This looks like your serious, introspective being.


  3. So I was wondering do you have a list of the does and donts regarding self portraits ? I’d be interested in getting into doing portrait work and thought to practice on myself would be a good start?



  4. Mine is not up yet but I will be participating. Is there a list of all the participants so I can start a feed category on my Google feed reader. I’d like to watch everyone’s progress. I’m sure I will be inspired by everyone’s great photos.


  5. Thanks Brian. I tried for something different. I think that a photo this close would have been more complex with teeth and glasses. I wanted simple.

    I look forward to yours and everyone else’s portraits.


  6. Geez, talk about getting a quick jump on things! Dude, you look totally different without the glasses. AND it’s interesting to see a photo of you without the cookie-cutter-Trevor-Carpenter-smile — I swear, every picture I’ve taken of you, you’ve got the same… exact… smile on your face.

    I’ll be shooting my wife tomorrow, but probably not until the afternoon.


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