You bought me a what?

As you know, I’m a crazy photo-geek. I’m dragging my camera around with me everywhere. I don’t always have good photos to share, but I am always shooting. You probably also know that I’m a huge fan of Zooomr, an online photo-sharing website. The features are great, the no limit uploading is great, and the community is great. The only real problem I’ve had with Zooomr is the reliability. I know it’s still a beta app, but man, most of us Zooomrites have grown to depend on Zooomr for much of our photo hosting, and well, we get a little worked up when it fails. I’m sure that I get a little more worked up than the average user, however, we all seem to respond.

Last week, some major uploading issues arose and nearly no one could upload. The community responded, and I jumped in the fray. Expressing myself, without restraint, I think I lost some friends. (Recently I’ve seen little to know responses to my comments made in Zipline.) You know, without criticism we are only fan-boys and blind followers.

I will point out that when Raoul announced his break from Zooomr, some time back, we saw an immediate response to his problems. Now, I won’t attribute last week’s repairs to only my sniveling, but I will point out that repairs were made after we lit a fire.

Anyway, continuing on…

As a back up, I’ve had a Flickr account for quite a bit. I am very aware of Flickr’s own downfalls, and have some issues with their style. However, they have many features that Zooomr users have yearned to command. Features like batch services (ie. tagging), reliable geotagging/geolabeling, and better groups interaction.

This wasn’t supposed to be a complaint on Zooomr post. I’ll get to the point.

With my upcoming December Challenge, I really have been concerned about Zooomr’s reliablity issues causing a problem with my daily posting of portraits. So, I considered using my Flickr account as a back up. One problem is that I wasn’t a PRO user, and hence had limits to my uploading per month. I whined about it for a bit, and then thought I’d just ask….so I did. I tossed out a request on all the regular socially obsessed websites, Facebook, Twitter, and Pownce, and presto, someone bought me a PRO account. Can you believe it? Awesome!

So, Dave Cohen, thanks! You rock!


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11 thoughts on “You bought me a what?”

  1. I’m on the same wavelength as you about Zooomr – I desperately want it to be successful and cutting edge, but it seems to be losing its way a bit with the whole Mobile Zooomr thing. I will stick with it for the time being, and with my non-pro Flickr account. BTW, I notice that you’re also on Tagmee….another dark-horse contender?


  2. I want to leave flickr forever but i don’t think i can. i didn’t pay-up on time and my stuff is gone! they didn’t even warn me. they say it’ll be back when i pay but i have an attitude now. if you take people’s money you should be nice about it. And thinking of life without flickr? too many advantages. zoomr NEVER worked for me, so forget that. My dog mac gallery? RSS feeds are only for albums, not my whole gallery.


  3. Zooomr is a great thing. The Community have a good atmosphere! Why i’m only @ Zooomr?
    I got the same Problem to getting a Pro Account. Okay not directly the same but without credit card the life looks hard….ok i correct: sometimes hard (; It will be cool to get a backup site at FlickR. But for me ATM impossible. So i’m using Zooomr at all and i’m happy with it. Dont understand me wrong but if someone feelin good enough to make a FlickR Pro free-give-away, why not?!


  4. I too got off Zooomr, probably close to a year ago now. It is like a crumbling building, and these days there are so many brand new buildings right next door! I have been on Pixamo due mostly to their powerful and fast uploader, but also because they are constantly introducing new features and things always seem to work for me!


  5. OMG! Trevor! Your abusing your popularity to get free things in life…….. GOOD JOB!!! =) Your learning the powers of popularity, I salute you. And when I was questioning getting a Zooomr Pro account, people said, its only $20!

    I saw your Twitter message about someone buying you a PRO account, I thought you where nuts, and no one would bite on that cry for help. But I was wrong. :p


  6. yo!
    I haven’t been on zooomr for a bit…

    I hate looking at photos small, and it killed me that I could never get a photo larger or even see it larger….. I love how on zooomr you can say who is in the photo!

    see you on flickr.

    PS thanks for using my shot on your blog
    Mike Hedge


  7. I haven’t been on Zooomr for a while…I got used to the groups in flickr and enjoyed the community (and I found the randomly working/not working Zooomr batch upload in firefox frustrating), so I hung around.

    With my birthday and the December Challenge looming (which I’m nervous about! But I’ve been practicing 😀 ), I too put it ‘out there’. My sister bought me one for my birthday (a flickr pro account that is).

    Congratulations on turning pro!


  8. My pleasure 🙂

    I’m stuck not using Zooomr because they haven’t fixed the uploading issues. Its been 5 months and there are still too many basic issues that have existed since Mark III was released. I really love the community and think Kris and Thomas have done a great job to this point, but the future of the site is very murky. I hope that everything works out because I think the site is great and happy that they love to innovate, but the innovation is coming at a cost of basic functionality that is driving more and more people away.


  9. Trevor,
    I have felt the same way about Zooomr. I try to upload when I can but I just don’t have time to babysit things when they don’t work. Keep up the great work, looking forward to your December challenge.


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