Tripod problem, help!

OK, so a good friend who will go unnamed, gave me a tripod. The only problem was that the head was broken. So, I have a good set of tripod legs. No problem, I just set it aside until I could afford to buy a nice ball head for it.

Fast forward to today…

I just bought a nice Giotto ball head. Great? No! Neither item has anything that looks like it can connect with the other. Help!

Below are a couple of images so you can see:




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5 thoughts on “Tripod problem, help!”

  1. Thanks Richard.

    I think I’m going to find a pipe with the matching threads for the tripod column. Then cap it. Then drill through and secure a bolt of the appropriate size on the cap.

    I’ll update this post when I’m done.


  2. It looks like one of those tripods that are meant to come with their own head. If you can find a way to saw off that column and put an appropriate screw on there then it might work. I could be mistaken though, but just going off of what that looks like.


  3. Looks like the tripod misses a part at the top, a screw to fit your ball head on, look here for an example. I hope your Giottos ball head lasts longer than mine. I have one with three knobs and within a month one was broken. I returned it and received it back after 6 weeks. About three weeks ago (about 4 months later) suddenly another knob broke. I have a Giottos tripod which is great and stable, but I won’t buy a ball head there, next time it’s Manfrotto I think…


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