I love free software!

I won’t bore you all with my new obsession with Ubuntu Linux, anymore. I just wanted an excuse to put this rocking new screenshot online. So, without further adieu…

My Ubuntu sreenshot


I forgot to mention that I got my dock idea from a Zooomr friend, Jonester.


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6 thoughts on “I love free software!”

  1. Nope. I still run a Mac for my photography workstation. I have invested too much learning Photoshop to change. I must remain efficient with my processing.

    I’m sure that one could do well using linux to process, with the GIMP and a good RAW processing app. Sorry.


  2. i’m thinking of using linux/gimp with plans of using my photography to pay the exorbitant costs of a photoshop workstation

    are you using ubuntu to support your digital photography? if so, how are you making out?


  3. @Jonester, Yeah buddy, I got the idea from you. Followed your instructions perfectly.

    Also, on the screen resolution thing…I’ll email you. However, if you’re using Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, you no longer need to mess with the Xorg config file.


  4. Hey Trevor, love the looks of Ubuntu on your PC. Where did you get that dock idea? Please tell me from my blog! Because I though of the same idea for my desktop! Thats weird.

    Also I need help with my display really bad, I have a widescreen monitor thats suppose to run at 1680×1050 resolution, but insistently runs at 1024×768, I edited the xorg.conf file top, 1024×768 isn’t even on my Xorg file.

    Please help, email: dawsonjones [at] gmail.com

    Thanks Trevor,
    Dawson (Zooomr: jonester)

    Subscribed to your blog!


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