October Challenge recap

Knock three times...So, the October Challenge is over. How did you do?

Back at the end of September, I started writing a post telling you all that I wanted to shoot more black & white photography. While writing that post, it evolved into a project and a challenge for you all. If you remember back, I committed to shoot in only B&W for the whole month of October. And that is exactly what I did.

I must say that I really feel like I’ve unlocked some of my own creative potential through doing this personal project. I have found, especially in recent days, that as I’m shooting and conceiving a shot, I see the potential impact of the composition in black & white. Exciting!

Well, thanks for following along. Here’s the link to my photoset at Zooomr, of all my October Challenge photos. You know, one of the most exciting thing for me, in my photoblogging, was when Brian Auer, of Epic Edits, carried the torch of my October Challenge and passed it along to his significantly larger readership. As it turns out, a few others joined me in my October Challenge, so here’s all of their images too. Oh yeah, can’t forget about Flickr too!

Deanna You want a piece of me? DSC_4280 Everyone loves a nice ale brother and sister


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  1. I totally slacked last month. I don’t know what happened, but I only got out with my camera two or three times — then I didn’t have any time to finish post-processing! I really enjoyed seeing a handful of people take to the challenge though. And I definitely hope to see more b/w from you.


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