Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon rocks the casbah!

Ubuntu 7.10 is here! So, as you know, I’m in love with Ubuntu, the Linux distribution that is teaching all the others how to get it done.

We have a nice Mac mini, that has been running the latest Ubuntu version, Feisty Fawn, for a couple of months now. Every so often, I fiddle around, cleaning something up, and discover another cool, stable feature of Ubuntu that makes me smile.

At work, I’m forced to use MS crap, and I hate it. I never smile while using Windows. Never.

So, with a few regular months of using Ubuntu as our primary OS, for regular everyday stuff, I’m even more sold that Ubuntu really is a generational leader for top notch operating systems.

So, with today’s release of Ubuntu’s Gutsy Gibbon, I’m proud to say that I’ve upgraded and I love it. It’s just as attractive and easy to use as before. Many of the subtle system upgrades are now organized in a nicer, more logical set of menus.

Just a few of the outstanding upgrades:

Gutsy simply rocks! If you’re already using Linux, you’re crazy not to upgrade to Ubuntu 7.10, Gutsy Gibbon. If you’re an Intel Mac user or any Windows user, you’ve got to try this out.

What’s really cool is that you can download it and burn it to CD. Then you can boot off the CD, and it runs a fully functional OS, ready to play with. When you realize that you like it, just click on the install icon on the desktop and presto, you’re installing the world’s greatest operating system.


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  1. Its kinda late, almost a month old post. But I love Ubuntu! And I love discovering the cool features also. The display integrated awesomely with Ubuntu this time around. And Vista hasn’t been booted yet!


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