So, how’s your October Challenge going?

I’m not sure if you’ve decided to join me or not, but I’ve challenged myself to shoot in only B&W for the month of October. Now, to be clear, I’m not challenging you to shoot in B&W, I’m challenging you to do something different with your photography. I knew that my own grasp of B&W was weak, so that’s what I chose. However, you may have a new Macro that you want to master, or maybe your landscapes have always sucked. Whatever you shoot isn’t the point. The point is, just shoot! Get out and choose a theme, topic, genre, or something special with your photography.

My friend Brian Auer is focusing on his minimalism. That’s great! What have you chosen?

My month has taken a little bit to get off the ground. So, don’t think I’m any less pumped and motivated to my commitment to the October Challenge. I’m on it!


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4 thoughts on “So, how’s your October Challenge going?”

  1. I need to get off my butt and go take more shots. I missed out this last weekend because of a birthday party in Moreno Valley, but this weekend definitely has some minimalism on the agenda. You and the Wolf seem to be kicking butt with posting new shots — there’s no way I could keep up with you guys.


  2. I’m going well so far. I also wanted to develop my Black and White skills though more so in film. I also wanted to use DOF for more artistic effects as well – primarily shallow DOF to emphasis the main subject.

    I’ve tagged all my relevant photos on Zooomr and Flickr with “October Challenge” and “OctoberChallenge”.

    I’m having a great time so far!


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