October challenge

Hello all. As you know, I’ve become a crazy photographer. I’m dragging my dSLR around with me everywhere. If they’d let me take it into the jail, I would. As I progress, there are areas of photography that used to be foreign to me that I’m not playing around with. I would have never been interested in wide-angle architectural photography just a few months ago. Now I’m planning a while business plan around it.

Another area that is new is Black & White photography. I’ve known that every photography student starts there, shooting in B&W like crazy. I have messed around a little, with my infrared shots, but that’s kinda specialized.

So, I’ve decided to shoot only B&W photography for the month of October. I’ll exclude any professional shoots, but all of my photowalking and personal shooting will be B&W. Because I want control over the output, I’ll shoot normal, but convert all in Photoshop. I like to use the Channels tools to get the best look.

Why not join me? You don’t have to shoot B&W, but maybe there’s a genre of photography that interests you, something new, why not give it a try? I think limiting yourself can actually unlock creativity that you’ve never had before.

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12 thoughts on “October challenge”

  1. this is a great idea. i have needed to do some b&w projects for awhile, i’m completely inexperienced in it.

    i think i’m going to join you in only turning out b&w during the month of october!


  2. Brian,
    Thanks for the B&W link. Also, thanks for your ideas. I just may turn this into a project. The only problem is that the last couple of times I tried contest/projects, no one participated. So I’m a little gunshy.

    We’ll see.

    Thanks. I look forward to our outcome. I’ll tag all of mine with “OctoberChallenge”


  3. Great stuff Trevor — awesome example of applying yourself in a focus area. I’ll join your challenge, but I’m going to continue my exploration of minimalism. I wasn’t planning on spending an entire month going after it, but hey… why not?

    Why not conduct a project around this? See if you can get people to commit to a topic, and at the end of October you could gather up everybody’s links to their “October Challenge” galleries on Zooomr or Flickr.


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