So, I’m a Linux user now.

You know, Linux has a come a long way in just a few years. I remember just a few years ago, I looked into downloading a Linux distro and discovered that I would have a ton of work to do. So, I canned that idea quick.

Now I’m not only testing a full fledged Linux installation, I’ve replaced my entire family computer’s OS with Ubuntu.

We’re really liking how clean it looks and how simple the interface is to work with. You know, most OS’s these days are slick and easy to use for normal stuff. (Yes, even Windows.) The hard part is when you have to do something unique, or try something new. Of course when we have to deal with reliability, that’s when MS starts to really suck. That’s what drew me to Apple years ago. I was sick of all the crashes and freezing. I wanted a machine that I could use to actually DO something. I didn’t want to have to DO things just to use the machine. The Apple engineers had the attitude that stuff should just work. That resonated well with me.

Here we are, years later. I still love Apple. We have 4 iPods, 3 iMacs, a 12″ Powerbook, and two Mac minis. We’re an Apple family.

The family Mac mini is quite a nice little machine. It’s a 1.66 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo. The bummer is that I didn’t buy enough RAM for it, only 512mb. This has proven to be not enough for OSX. So, we quickly started getting frustrated with the slowing down of our new computer.

That’s why I thought I’d give Ubuntu a try. And we’re not one bit disappointed. Ubuntu has done an amazing job of replacing everything OSX had to offer. In a future post I’ll detail the apps I’ve chosen to replace the OSX favorites like iPhoto and the like.

In the mean time, I’ll let you know that we’ve not found a suitable replacement for iTunes. So we’re managing our music library on my photo studio machine, which is still OSX. (Photoshop & RAW is a must!) (Oh, I know about the GIMP, blah, blah, blah. Doesn’t compare. Don’t even comment once.)


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