What have I done?

St. Mary Magdalen Parish

I must say, I have gathered up quite a quiver of camera gear lately. I’m not bragging. Actually, I’m realizing that I have much on hand for photographic opportunities.

The most recent addition, a Sigma ultra wide angle, has opened up more creative potential than I can even imagine, yet. You see, I got the lens so that I could photograph the portfolio of one interior designer. This interior designer is my mother. The only problem was that I didn’t have the right equipment, nor the experience.

So, I got the lens. Now what? Luckily, I have a few photo-buddies who do know what to do. I’ve recieved some direction and tips to get me started. Now it’s up to me. So, tonight I was running an errand and thought I’d stop downtown and take a few shots. Not bad, a wide angle is a whole new animal. I think I’m going to like it.

First shot w/ ultra wide

I did, however, make one of my first photographer’s mistakes. I had one wrong setting on the camera. Which one, you ask? I was set on JPEG, (not RAW), and low quality. No biggy for you, seeing my shots online, but I can’t get any prints made, cause they’d look horrible.

Oh well, at least I learned it, while NOT getting paid.

DSC_2709 DSC_2701 DSC_2671


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5 thoughts on “What have I done?”

  1. I’m admiring those gold walls! Your camera does a great job of picking up background color. (Cute pose, too…someday this little guy will grow up and you’ll be glad you captured that moment.)


  2. Arneill, yes.

    Camarillo Plumbing & Paint, historical documentation. With my wife and I moving out of state soon, I’ve been in a mood of documenting things of historical, or personal value. I’ve lived in Camarillo long enough to remember when Cam P&P and B&B hardware were the only real hardware stores around.

    Complements, thanks. I appreciate that.


  3. I have to agree with Josh. The pics of the church are beautiful. However I don’t think anything you can do would ever make the camarillo plumbing and paint building look nice :). I also liked the shot of the freeway from the overpass (arneil??).


  4. That first picture of the church is one of my favorites of the series.
    Thats great your are building your arsenal of lenses. If we didn’t make
    mistakes we wouldn’t learn : )


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