You are not guilty of anything

Let me tell you that anything you do or say within seconds of being woke up you are not responsible for.

What do I mean? Well, let’s just say that your spouse is not fealing well. Let’s continue to say that during the night they awake with the need for care. Let’s also say that they make an attempt to solicit you providing them with assistance.


Let’s also say that you some how offend your spouse. Bummer.

I herby state that you are free from guilt and consequence for anything you say and/or do after having been waked from sleep, for the first 60 seconds.


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.

5 thoughts on “You are not guilty of anything”

  1. when i was a kid my mother learned that i will not remember any conversation i have later in the day, that happened within about the first hour of waking up. she use to wake me up early to tell me to pick my sister up from school that day, i would acknowledge her and sound as though i was coherent. then later in the day she’d call me and ask if i remembered. my reply, “we spoke this morning?”


  2. ammended……you are also not guilty for anything said while still asleep. I talk in my sleep and cringe when I wake up and realize my wife had been having a conversation with me for the last 5 minutes. What was I saying….?


  3. Hey, that’s correct. I’m talking about those first few seconds that one is asked to get up and get water and a hot washcloth, hypothetically of course.


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