How do I start Skype?

First, let me tell you that I’m posting this as a help for someone close to me. I’m just trying to help him/her use Skype. Make sure that you have Skype installed. If not, see below.

What is Skype? Well, check it out.

I’m also trying to try out Skitch. What is Skitch? Well, check it out.

So, follow along with my screenshot path below:

1. Press “Command-space” and type “skype”

Step 1


2. Next, select Skype from the list that appears.

Step 2

3.  Now, watch the Skype icon bownce in the Dock.

Step 3

4. Once the Skype app has loaded, you’ll be presented with your Contact List. (In order to make sure that you’re signed in to the correct account, look at the circled name in red below, I’m signed in as “trevorscottcarpenter”.

The circled blue names below are my contacts.

Step 4

5. In the Contact List, right click (Ctrl-click) the contact with whom you want to start an instant message chat. I’ve selected my wife’s Skype name.

Step 5

6. Start typing. When you want to send your message, hit “Return”, and presto, the message will be sent. Wait for their response.

Now you’re Skyping! Yes, it’s a verb now, just like “to google”.


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