Dump that DVR

I just discovered the most rockin’ new DVR replacement.

For several months, I’ve been using Transmission. It’s a great torrent app that is straight forward and pretty easy to use. Go to it’s site for more information about that app, I’m not reviewing it here today.

However, I don’t know where I heard it first, but a newer app called TVShows was brought to my attention yesterday. So I checked it out, since I’m addicted to the television. Well, it rocks! Basically you start the app, and it presents you with a very long list of almost everything on English speaking television. You scroll through and “subscribe” to all the programs that you want, telling it which episode you want first. In the preferences you set where you want the torrents stored.

When you quit, it loads a daemon that finds the torrent files for the programs you’re subscribed to, downloads them, and then loads it in your default torrent app.

Legal release: I do not endorse, encourage, insight, or cause anyone to download copyrighted content, nor do I do such things. This whole post is simply a “what if?” and is to be used for educational purposes only. DON’T BREAK THE LAW PEOPLE!


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