I really am a nerd, but that’s OK.

OK, I played NES when I was a kid. I actually had an Atari 2600 when I was real young. Then, I strayed from the video game world. Stuff like school work while in college was imporant. (No comments about that, Dad.)

So, now I have kids and we got an Xbox 360 late last year. We had a Playstation 2 for a while, but it broke. Not a big loss though, I bought it used on ebay.

Back to the Xbox. We play it a lot. Deanna plays. The Princess plays. The Padawan plays. Most of us play. The Wookie and The Baby are a little to young, as you can guess. Those of us who play, play a few games together. Lately we’ve been playing 3D Ultra Mini Golf. It’s a lot of fun and we all get to take our turn. We can only play 3 at a time though, since we only have two wireless controllers and the free corded one that came with the system. I have several racing games that I play on my own, or with a few friends occaisionally. I also rent some of the hot games when I have to stay up late for work the next day.

Needless to say, video gaming has re-entered my life, in a big way. The Xbox 360 is an amazing machine. The HD games are amazing. The realistic games, like the Call of Duty series, and Collin McRae Dirt are amazing. Breathtaking. Even the more cartoony games like Cars and Surfs Up look great. They look quite a bit like the movies did.

I just saw a great preview for a new game in the Star Wars series called, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. I’m so pumped for that game. I’ll try to embed the preview at the end of the post.

One of the other things I love about the Xbox 360 is the media playing features. We’ve rented a few HD movies and downloaded them to the Xbox’s harddrive. Those that we’ve seen so far are also amazing. When given the opportunity to choose between HD and SD, choose HD, everytime. Even slower, no effects, character driven stories are great. You see the face of the actor, you see the emotion with great clarity. You just see so much more. And they’re so much cheaper than renting an HD disk at the local store. Maybe not as cheap as Netflix, but we don’t have any HD disk player. No blueray, no HD-DVD. We’ll probably eventually get the cheap HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360. I think it’s like $200. Not bad. But for now, we get great, cheap flix on the Xbox Marketplace. And to top it off, MS just announced at the E3 conference/expo that they’ve added a huge number of Disney flix to the library. So, now we’ll get even more to choose from. Yee-haw!



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