Megan Hamlin

Many of you may already know this, so bear with me.

My sister, my only sibling, has been quite ill for over a week. It all started Saturday, June 16th. She had a massive headache along with some other concerning symptoms. She was rushed to the hospital. After several days of testing and no real results, she was transferred to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. She is now receiving 10x better care, and more thorough testing.

All the while she continues to have “episodes”, characterized by great pain in the head, disorientation, and confusion.

Throughout this whole process, the good Lord has raised up an army of his people who are militantly praying and caring for Megan and her extended family.

Since there are so many who care and want to know how she is doing, I’ve tossed up a simple blog to track her progress. This allows folks the freedom to know what is happening, without feeling uncomfortable by calling those closest to Megan.

Megan Hamlin Updates

I guess I stepped on someone’s toes, or usurped someone’s control.
I’ll keep you updated here.


Author: TREVOR

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3 thoughts on “Megan Hamlin”

  1. Well, it is about time Trevor! I was obsessively bouncing back
    and forth from your site and Meg’s and getting info from my dad
    was not nearly enough!
    As you know little siblings have a way of being persistent and resilient, and
    I know yours is pretty tough. Hopefully they let little W.E.H. see her often!
    It has to be even worse being away from him!
    Take care, give Meg a hug & for me tell her we are thinking of her!


  2. My son who is now 16 years old was not supposed to live an hour after he was born. The doctors told us to prepare for his death and make all arrangements. Obiviously it didn’t happen, thanks to God. He was born with congenative heart disease and his heart was the same size of his chest. All I can say is to believe the report of the Lord. He will keep you in perfect peace if your mind is stayed on Him. That was the biggest trial for me. Keeping my mind from wondering from God’s promises was the hardest part. He had open heart sergury 10 years later that didn’t work, but his body through the grace of God,continues to defy what the doctor says. He finally said after 16 years that there is nothing that man has done for your son it has to be your God. Keep on believing and trusting the report of the Lord no matter what you see or hear from the doctors.


  3. Obviously when a loved one, especially your sister or daughter or wife are extremely ill emotions tend to run high, or in this family overdrive! We all love Meg and want to be up to date on her progress,
    I want to thank you Trevor for taking the time to try and put something together for us (the extended family and friends) to keep us informed so we know how to be praying and sending words of encouragement to meg.
    Your very(well,most of the time)loving wife


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