Time to loose friends. Dennis Miller.

I must say, I haven’t laughed at the mocking of socialists like that in a long time.

Tonight, I was watching The 1/2 Hour News Hour, on Fox, for the first time. It’s OK. It’s not amazingly hilarious. It’s not nearly as well produced as The Daily Show. However, it’s not nearly as goose-steppingly in sync with the facists’ talking points either.

I would say that it cements FNC’s which-side-o-the-aisle choice.

What did catch my attention was the Dennis Miller break. I don’t recall the exact format, but I know they had this break near the end where Dennis Miller offered up a few minutes of commentary on a plethora of issues. He seams to blend them all together well, and kept my attention from my Powerbook and the great wide world of the internets.

Below is one of Dennis Miller’s peices. He doesn’t start until about 1:40.

Also, The 1/2 News Hour has these “I’m the ACLU” clips too. I laughed a bit with that part too. Give it a try.


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