My cellphone battery is dead, because I voted for American Idol

Jordan Sparks

I am admitting it publicly. I watch American Idol. Tonight, not only did I watch, but I voted. I voted for the first time. I wish I had voted weeks ago, because maybe Phil Stacey would have survived longer. Hindsight, blah, blah.

So here we are, the final two sang tonight and I was blown away with Jordin Sparks’ performance. Don’t get me wrong, Blake Lewis is great. He is definately an awesome performer. I am entertained by him.

However, Jordin can sing. There’s no way around it, she rocks! Now, I’ve heard it said many times that she’s so young. Some of my own family have sniveled it one too many times, “she’s just so immature.”

I don’t care! She’s clearly got a decent home life and upbringing. Hey, her parents are still married and she isn’t trying to succeed with the use of her body. She’s already got more class than most of the “more mature” recently voted off idols.

So, back to the voting. I voted, for Jordin. Not just once, but almost 50 times. My cellphone actually almost lost power by the time I was done. Of course about 1 in 3 calls doesn’t connect. Too many teenage girls voting. So I placed more calls than I can count.

What does this say about me? Comment below. Of course, I just don’t care, but I’ll let you share your opinion

Jordan Sparks Jordan Sparks


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